How early do I have to get to a concert to meet one direction?

Juicy Couture Lover Asked: How early do I have to get to a concert to meet one direction?

I'm going to a One Direction concert in June and I REALLY want to meet them. I don't even have to meet them, I just want to see them kinda close in person since my concert seats arent too great.Anyways how early should I get to the Pavillion place to get to see them? Do you think they'll sign something for me?? Thanks. Any other info on seeing/meeting them is helpful!


oh and no I can't get VIP tickets so that's not an option :'(


A Answered:
Just saying, evry girl is thinking of the exact same thing. U should go atleast 6 hours earli no joke. Some people are crazy enough to stay there for a day. U might get it signed but with evryone there, theres a big chance u might not get it signed

Somebody You Used To Know Answered:
Well like the other person said everyone in that audience will want the same thing. You'll need to be really early because some people are way too dedicated. I'd say 3 hours before hand, but probably way more like 8 hours. Try to see where they'll park their tour bus, don't feel like you have no chance, you never know. Try to make friends with security lol just kidding

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