How to convince parents to let me go to Mac Miller concert?

Ashley H Asked: How to convince parents to let me go to Mac Miller concert?

So I really want to go to a Mac Miller concert and there's one coming up in my area!
I want to get tickets soon before they're sold out, but the only problem is.. I don't know/think my parents will let me go..
I asked them and they basically said no.. mainly because I didn't have a very good plan or anything, plus it's on a Sunday and they're pretty religious.

Now I have basically all the details.. I know the date, time, place, how we would get there, with who I'm going with, and where I'm staying over night.
It's not very far at all, just a city away and it takes only like 45 mins to get there.
The other problem is the new law in my state.. it's that if you're 16 then you can't drive past 10pm or have more than one non-family member when driving.. they're really strict about that, so it wouldn't work because my friend was going to drive me and my other friend (we're all 16.)
Also they don't know who Mac Miller is, and if they looked him up they probably wouldn't like what they saw/heard..

Any advice on how to convince them to let me go?
This is probably once in a life time opportunity for me..



chris l Answered:
u wanna see wac miller, i agree they shouldnt let u go.

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