What is a GA Executive Suite in the Verizon Center?

Asked: What is a GA Executive Suite in the Verizon Center?

So..I'm buying concert tickets for my friend. They're last-minute tickets. I found something that said "Section: Executive Suite 361. Row: GA" What's that mean? It seems nice, but I want the best for my friend, and not rip her off with crappy seats that she can't even see the stage from. She's paying me for the tickets, since she doesn't have a computer at home and can't buy them herself. This is beside the point, but before you argue about the money for the tickets should be spent on a computer, the parents are currently awaiting their next paycheck to complete their savings on the computer. Also, the money my friend is paying me with, is entirely her own money that she earned from working on weekends. Thankyou for all your support everyone!!


The clear choice is Claudia, she is a fan and everything is all well and good between the two of you

Claudia definitely. It would be boring if Adam knows absolutely nothing about Florence and the Machine or their music.

I'd take Claudia because she's your best friend and is a big fan

Flip a coin. Heads, Adam. Tails, Claudia. If your devastated about the results, pick the other person. If your still confused and feel like the coin is stupid, trust the coin. It knows all.

Take Claudia!She is your best friend, and she loves the band.If you took Adam, it would be awkward, and he may not even be a fan.Have fun at the concert! icon smile What is a GA Executive Suite in the Verizon Center?

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